You are welcome to be part of our family here…At Megabangna Shopping Centre

We owe our success to the strong spirit and dedication of every co-worker. With the collaborative effort, we have turned Megabangna into an extraordinary place, more than just a shopping centre. We share the same goal to create “The Fantastic meeting place” that serves our customers’ needs in all aspect of life. In the future, Megabangna will become the center piece of Megacity that answers to the needs of every family member. It will be the one-stop destination where people stay, work, shop, dine, enjoy the night entertainment, or relax in the tranquil green park.

We have enjoyed this success, thanks to the members of our small family. In a fun and friendly work environment, we promote creativity, offer everyone a chance to initiate new ideas, and encourage the co-worker to learn inside and outside the organization to further enhance their capabilities. No matter how tough the challenges are, we will overcome them and grow together.

In this home, the door is always open to welcome new members to share creativity and fulfill our goals. That is why we are looking for new members who will add positive energy, bring creativity, and join the team in driving Megabangna forward to meet the goal we desire.

If you are full of inspiration, dreams, and commitment like we are and want to be a part of this small family, please contact us. We hope to have an opportunity to welcome you, new members to Megabangna family in the future.

Interested candidates please send application letter with your resume
to an e-mail address here