Marketing Manager-Event & Campaign
• Develop Campaign & Event marketing plan with the consideration of customer demand, seasonal commercial, merchandising mix, tenant’s requirement with a good image and reputation that address to our positioning.
• Draw new visitors and capture potential visitors in broader areas.
• Lead marketing campaigns & promotions team to develop and implement an integrated strategic marketing campaigns & promotions plan to (1) enrich shopper’s shopping experience with benefits to anchors and tenants support tenant sales, (2) expanding number of Mega Smile Rewards members & Mega Smile Kids members.
• Plan and execute events strategy to build brand awareness, increase visitation, and enhance the community group.
• Manage and work closely with agency and organizer of events to achieve the deliverables within time plan.
• Detail and derive of revenue and spending for annual budget purpose and on monthly basis for forecasting purpose with understanding of accrual of revenue and expenses where it is necessary.
• Connect and strengthen relationships with partners to effectively balance a mutual benefit toward event marketing activities that will take place and will benefit to shopping centre.
• Communicate in advance to intra department as well as internal department for timeline of space utilization, so they can effectively use information for their purpose. Lead functional meetings for the event marketing with relevant functions.
• Keeping updated on market trends & competitor events.
• Bachelor’s degree in business administration with concentration on marketing management.
• +8 years of experience in sales and marketing field, with 5+ years in managerial level.
• Experience in working for branding, event planning & execution, budgeting, multitasking with ability to prioritize work commitment.
• Experience within the shopping centre industry, or other related retails business is preferred.
• Fluent in Thai and English communication with strong in computer literacy.
• Proven to be a businessperson with analytical, strategic thinking, creative leadership, and managerial skills.
• Customer Centric with Result oriented.
• Innovative, able to challenge common ways of thinking.
• Able to deal with ambiguity and navigate through uncertain situations.
• A storyteller with a strong penchant for creative writing.
• Strong networking and interpersonal skills and ability to develop rapport with all people at all levels.
• Excellent organizational and planning skills.
• Always up to date with the latest market trends and technology.
• An open-minded person.
• Pro-active with positive attitude, independent and strong organizational skills.
• Possess good presentation skills, strong professional communication skills and good interpersonal skills.
• Interest in shopping centre business with enrichment of lifestyle in shopping or retailing.
• Passionate about growing business and people.
• Enjoy sharing and coaching to inspire.
• Strong sense of customer centric and satisfaction mentality.
• Enjoy meeting stakeholders and helping customers.
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