Operations, Safety & Security Manager
·        Responsible for day & night shift monitoring of Safety & Security for the centre, property, staff and visitors; plan, execute, develop implementation strategy, action plans, procedure, threat assessments, analysis risk and security audits.
·        Responsible for the performance of the on-site supervisor and staff of the outsourced security service providers of the Centre.
·        Ensure that all the building safety & security systems are operational properly.
·        Developing and implementing rules, guidelines and routines for all clients working in the shopping centre.
·        Ensuring that the company’s standards and rules in the field of are fulfilled: fire prevention, intrusion alarm, access control, video surveillance, safety systems.
·        Monitor internal and external incidents and accidents, providing rapid response, investigation and reporting of all emergencies in the Centre. Managing the incidents and investigations and cooperating with the State authorities.
·        Conduct internal safety and security audits, prepare and hold evacuation drills, firefighting equipment testing in order to ensure highest level of safety in the premises.
·        Conduct inspections of the tenants’ premises and all common premises (technical, service areas, storages etc.) and ensure that the violations of the fire safety and security are eliminated.
·        Budget responsible for security services and provision means to ensure safety and security of the Centre.
·        Ensure that all reports from outsourced companies are executed and sent in appropriate manner and according to agreed timeframes, and the information provided is correct.
·        Develop and/or update and implement Operations guidelines, standards and procedures in accordance with the company’s standards and legislation.


·        Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Occupational Health/Safety, Environmental Engineering or a related field
·        8+ years of experience in the Real Estate Operations field, preferably shopping centres,  with 5+ years in managerial level
·        Certify of Occupational Health & Safety in professional or management level.
·        Strong understanding of safety and security issues. Fundamentals of criminal and civil law
·        Ability to design and deliver the complete training packages and programs
·        Risk assessment and accident prevention skills, knowledge of firefighting skills.
·        Strong leadership skills, judgment, able to delegate responsibility with belonging authority
·        Proven analytical and strategic thinking skills
·        Proven Communication and organizational skills
·        Commercial awareness and customer service oriented approach
·        Financial responsibility and budgeting experience
·        Organizational skills and multitasking, ability to prioritize
·        Good command in verbal and written communication skills both Thai and English
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