Senior Projects Development Manager
ฝ่ายส่วนต่อขยาย (มิกซ์ยูส)
·      Create a comprehensive long-term master plan for the development as a whole.
·      Conduct and coordinate solutions proposed by various consultants.
·      Ensure the core business of Megabangna shopping centre being advanced in competition in a long run.
·      Ensure that the proposed plan will exceed customer expectations and be financially profitable.
·      Understand shopping centre business requirements, stakeholders’ expectations, and legal restrictions.
·      Lead the team to meet project goal.
·      Responsible for coordination and execution of all design activities related to project, and ensure design meets requirements/approved brief.
·      Responsible for coordination and execution of all procurement activities related to project, and ensure all tender procedures and guidelines are followed.
·      Responsible for coordination and execution of submission activities related to project, and ensure design meets authority requirements.
·      Ensure that the design can accommodate the needs and actually do and cost efficiency.
·      Ensure that projects are regulated according to schedule and within budget.
·      Ensure that the executed projects meet the requirements of the users, and the procurement procedure is aligned.
·      Ensure that the design works comply with applicable laws and regulations relating to environmental, including environmental classification.
·      Coordinate works related with project refitting and schedule with contractors.
·      Interacts among the departments of Megabangna and coordinates the communication related design project.
·      Support the work within and across departments.
·      Budget responsible for design project
·      Ensure that all project work is executed in an appropriate manner and according to agreed timeframes and budget.
·      Develop and/or update and implement the project guidelines, standards, and procedures in accordance with the company’s standards and legislation.
·      Bachelor’s degree in real estate development.
·      7+ years of experience in the Real Estate development field, preferably shopping centres, with 2+ years in managerial level.
·      Shopping centre or large-scale master planning experience
·      Proven shopping centre business literate.
·      Proven Urban development skill.
·      Possession of the necessary knowledge to handle utility and crucial engineering systems.
·      Financial responsibility and budgeting experience
·      Fluent verbal and written communication skills in Thai and English
·      Computer literacy with the knowledge of engineering-related software. AutoCAD is an advantage.
·      Ability to communicate, present and influence credibly and effectively.
·      Strong business sense and industry expertise to maximize business opportunities.
·      Self-motivated and self-directed, with excellent interpersonal relationship skills.
·      Strong project development experience with complete understanding across the industry with proven experience.
·      Ability to Communicate to with clients, stakeholders, and customers.
·      Ability to share information and maintain long-term relationships with stakeholders.
·      Ability to speak and write confidently, clearly, and listen actively to address the needs and concerns of others.
·      Negotiation Skills: ability to convince stakeholders including JV, Tenants, Investors.
·      Project Management Skills: be able to set targets, plan works, manage the projects, calculate budgets, time & cost, and find ways to mitigate risks.
·      Ability to lead a team while managing the project including conflict resolution, teamwork support, and performance evaluation.
·      Strategic skills to make the company ahead of other competitors and strong sense of priority, research skills, and rational thoughts.
·      Ability to perform a market analysis and be able to understand the competitive advantage of the company over similar businesses.
·      ROI & Data Analysis skills.
·      Proven leadership and managerial skills.
·      Proven Communication skills.
·      Commercial awareness and customer service-oriented approach.
·      Organizational skills and multitasking, ability to prioritize.

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