Tenant Coordinator / Sr. Tenant Coordinator
เจ้าหน้าที่ประสานงานผู้เช่าศูนย์การค้า / เจ้าหน้าที่ประสานงานผู้เช่าศูนย์การค้าอาวุโส
  • Ensures tenants get relevant service in due time, e.g. by means of following up response time on tenants enquires.
  • Leasing support in attracting, retaining and developing tenants.
  • Coordinates Tenants’ moving in and moving out process.
  • Monitors if Tenants keeps to Megabangna Rules and guidelines.  
  • Supports Tenants in the organizational and administration questions.
  • Corresponds with Tenants and informs them of the latest news and changes.
  • Monitors tenant appearance e.g. merchandising, staff performance.
  • Organizes and handles trainings for Tenants aimed at the increasing of the customer service level of Mega.
  • Reviews the different work permits applications, including additional works. Analyses regularly Tenants’ performance efficiency in order to involve Tenants into solving common issues of Mega.
  • Takes part in different projects, organization of the meetings, preparation and handling the presentations and analyses of tenants’ performance, planning.
  • Coordinate works related with tenant refitting and schedule with third party contractors.
  • Interacts both with Tenants’ and Landlord’s contractors during fit-out works in the premises.
  • Interacts among the departments of Megabangna and coordinates the communication between the landlord and the tenants.
  • Prepares and follows up the tenant refitting part of the budget.
  • Prepares information to the budget regarding “Tenant Premises” cost centre
  • Able to work on the weekend as Duty Manager (at least 1 day per month)
  • Employee will be entitled to day off in normal working days (Monday or Friday) in case of work on the weekend.
• Bachelor degree in any field.
• Female, Age between 35 - 45 years
• Minimum 5 years of Tenant Coordinating experience is required.
• Have experience in Retail or Shopping Center.
• Ability to learn and understand technical systems related to tenants
• Ability to have a “Can-Do” attitude and excellent guest service skills
• Excellent communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills, ability to create and improve cooperation
• Ability to prioritize and execute multiple tasks, have a sense of urgency to complete the projects and be detail oriented
• Customer service oriented
• Able to work under high pressure
• Computer literacy ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint )
• Good command of English
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