Mega Smart Kids

Creating a boundless experience where smart learning meets with creative fun perfectly at Mega Smart Kids and MEGA Harborland.

Learning and activities are important for kids, so we have created space with the concept “integrated edutainment” for kids and families. The “Mega Smart Kids Zone" anchored by “MEGA HarborLand themed The Happy Farm”, responds perfectly to the needs of modern family who want to promote learning outside classroom for their kids. The Mega Smart Kids Zone houses a lot of edutainment institutions, e.g. Bao Bao (center for learning Chinese), I Can Read, The Kick/ Dance Space by Kru Ant, Robot’s Child, Chefu Town, Clay Works, D-PREP, Heguru, KPN, Math Talent, One2One, Shichida, Wall Street English, Yamaha Music School, and Vocalize Singing Academy (Kru Fa Sai).

MEGA HarborLand

MEGA HarborLand is the most fun-filled and entertaining indoor playground for kids, and the largest Harborland in Bangkok.

Panjapat Angkasuwan, Happiness Strategy Director of HarborLand Group, shares the distinctive characteristics of MEGA HarborLand that are designed to reflect the ultimate aim of meeting international standards based on key fundamental principles: cleanliness and safety. The MEGA Harborland at Megabangna comprises of three zones which are all unique and exclusive -- Motor City (a city model for kids to experience driving and to learn how to drive safely), GameLand (with creative equipment which people of all age groups can enjoy), and bit.playground (offering cutting-edge interactive technology which will create the “Wow” feeling for both kids and adults).

"We believe that anyone visiting Mega HarborLand will be excited by their experience in an area of over 8,500 sq.m. thanks to the fact that Megabangna realizes the importance of families and then promote space for worthwhile family activities in the mall. This is in line with our philosophy: we want kids to be happy and have fun in every minute at HarborLand."