Mega Park

The green urban park for the Community in Eastern Bangkok.
A space beyond just a shopping place for family and all.

Open daily from 06:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

This green parkland laid beautifully on the open space of 7 rais with the ultimate aim to create a "Lung for the Community" where natural landscape is integrated seamlessly with urban living culture. The park itself offers wide range of happiness whether for a morning or evening brisk jogging, resting amongst the beautiful floral park after work or enjoy other recreational activities with family and friends.

Discover the amusement of our big playground that features various plays with highly safe equipments such as The Tree House, The Fountain Maze, The Big Slider and Indoor Playground. Under the shady green trees, a curvy jogging track and a bike lane is stretching around the park and floral garden where you could either stride for a relaxing moment or strike for a sweat. Pets are allowed with owners to enjoy stomping and rolling on the natural greel field. The Mega Park opens for our customers and people in this community to access without any fee.

The One and Only Obstacle Course Gym in Thailand

Family gym

Be Strong | Be Useful | Be Your Movement

Healthy lifestyle is very trending nowadays. Gyms and Fitness Facilities are mushrooming numerously. However, none of them cater the place and design activities that family and kids could spend quality time together.

The Movement Playground creates an alternative gym - the one of its kind - offering unconventional sport activities by teaching Pakour and Ninja Movement Training for kids which will help strenghtening their physical movement, making them active and agile. These set of skills could apply to any sports. The trainers have a strong background in Pakour and the training is designed in according to the characters of Fifth Elements - Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal - which transform into different physical movement. Together with games and obstacle challenges, kids will cultivate their planning skills, teamwork and leadership as well as activate their positive EQ and good physical development.

Instead of watching over their kids whilst they are having fun, parents can join "The Guardian Class" or attend "The Ninja Family Class" which are available on Saturday and Sunday evening. The uniqueness of these classess is to offer kids and their parents to work out together through games and challenges. The activities encourage them to spend their quality time together with fun andn joy which will strenghten family connections and promote healthy relationships.