What is Mega Smile Rewards?

It is an exclusive Megabangna Privileges rewards program for our shoppers who shop at any participating stores at Megabangna Shopping Centre. The reward program allows members to collect the smile points and redeem points for premiums, discount coupon, cash voucher or any privileges from the participating stores.

Mega Smile Rewards Points Collection

1. Present national ID card to earn smile points at the first time. It is for data security and fraudulency prevention. Therefore, for the first time of earning smile points, you will be requested to present your national ID card for self-identification. Your data will be kept confidentially, for more information click

2. Spend 500 THB in a single receipt at any participating stores at Megabangna, will receive 1 smile point.

3. Present the VAT receipt dated on the same day of purchase at the at a redemption counter on Level 1 near Big C Extra, IKEA Entrance, Main Entrance or Mega FoodWalk every day from 10:00 to 22:00 hours. or at Mega Smart Kids Zone from 10.00 – 19.00 hrs.

4. Non-Vat Receipt is not eligible to participate in the rewards program.

5. The staff or employees of the shops operating in Megabangna Shopping Centre cannot participate this Mega Smile Rewards program.

Mega Smile Rewards Points Accumulation

A: Every spending of 500 THB per single receipt at any participating outlets/stores/shops/services at Megabangna via cash ,cash voucher, debit card or credit card is eligible to participate in the rewards program.

B: However, following transaction including but not limited to cash out from ATM or Bank, payment of utilities bill, purchasing of fund/LTF/RMF, purchasing of all kind of insurances, payment on pre-paid services or membership, purchasing of gift vouchers and payment on any fine or service fees, could not earn smile rewards.

Lists of Non-Participating Stores/Shops

VAT Receipt from these following stores - 7-ELEVEN, B-Quik, Aurora, Yaowarat gold trader , D-Prep International School, Topgolf @ Megacity including those shops which don’t have VAT Receipt, temporary shops and shops that do not have leasing contract with Megabangna.

Is there any points limitation?

Limit of total purchase within 100,000 baht/member/day

Can I bring VAT receipt to earn smile points on the different day of purchase?

To earn the smile points, members must present the VAT receipt at the aforementioned redemption counter on the same day purchase.

The Expiration of Mega Smile Rewards Points

The Smile Points of Mega Smile Rewards program will last for 2 consecutive years from the day of purchasing. The smile points will be expired as following details

Points earn between 1 January – 31 March, the points will be expired by 31 March in the next 2 years

Points earn between 1 April – 30 June, the points will be expired by 30 June in the next 2 years

Points earn between 1 July – 30 September, the points will be expired by 30 September in the next 2 years

Points earn between 1 October – 31 December, the points will be expired by 31 December in the next 2 years

Can I earn Mega Smile Rewards points without presenting Megabanga application in the mobile phone?

Yes, only inform the registered mobile number to our staff at the redemption counter.

How can I benefit from earning the Mega Smile Rewards Points?

You could redeem your Smile Points for premiums, Cash Voucher Discount Code or get privilege for Megabangna’s event which you could spend at the participating outlets/stores/shops at Megabangna or until stock lasts or indicate otherwise.

Can I transfer my Mega Smile Rewards Points to other persons?

Your Smile Points could not be transferred, trade with any other accounts or exchange for cash.

After I redeemed the points for the rewards, can I cancel the transaction?

After redeeming the smile points for rewards, premiums, cash voucher or any privileges indicated in the program, you could not cancel the transaction.

To redeem privileges such as premium or cash voucher must present Thai National Identification Card or not?

The member is required to present original Thai National Identification Card under the same name with Mega Smile Rewards account in order to redeem rewards or prizes.