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It is necessary for the Company to utilise certain types of cookies in order to enable operations of the Websites. Some types of cookies are used to improve the Websites’ performance and user experience.

Necessary cookies are used to:

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Operational cookies are used to:

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Target cookies are used to:

  • Allow you to share and like contents on the Websites
  • Send information to other websites to facilitate management of advertisements in according to the needs of those websites

Cookies are used to improve services provided to you such as:

  • Enable certain services, including payments and subscription, which cannot be processed without cookies
  • Enable the Websites to remember your devices which saves you from having to give the same inputs multiple times
  • Remember your browsing history on the Websites and whether you have revisited the pages
  • Record numbers of visitors to the Websites in order to make the Websites easy to use and help the Company ensure quick performance of the Websites
  • Analyse data to help the Company understand your usage of the Websites and help the Company further develop the Websites
Please note that if you choose not to use cookies while you access the Websites, some of the services or pages may not work as intended. In addition, the Company will not be able to send alerts about products you may be interested in based on your experience and past visit history in case you choose to receive our newsletters.
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