General agreement

SF Development Co., Ltd. (the “Company”), which manages the websites and (the “Websites”), recognizes the importance of the personal information that you have trusted to the Company. The Company will use appropriate methods to manage, protect, and process your personal information.
The Personal Information Protection Policy, Terms of Use of the Websites, Cookies Policy, and Membership Subscription Agreement (if you subscribe for membership through the website) are designed to help you understand the Company’s methods in storing, using, disclosing and/or processing personal information.
Unless specified by the laws, you agree to have the Company proceed with personal information in the manner and purposes as defined in Item 2.

What is personal information?

1. Personal information is information relating to individuals which can be used to directly or indirectly identify the individuals. However, this does not include information of deceased individuals.

2. Examples of personal information are names, national ID card numbers, contact information, medical records, photos and videos.

How is personal information stored?

3. Some examples of situations in which company will collect personal information are as follows:

(a) When you apply for a user account on the Websites, an application or at a service point.
(b) When you provide information in order to apply for news and information subscription or to make requests about products and services or to make other requests (via telephone, in person, or via email or other electronic means).
(c) When you contact the Company directly about products and services (via the customer service center of the Company, employees at shops of the Company, email, telephone, or by any other means).
(d) When you participate with or contact the Company when the Company holds a promotion, contest, lucky draw, or special event.
(e) When you apply for a job with the Company.
(f) When you apply for membership of the Company’s activities such as Megabangna Application and/or Mega Smile Rewards.
(g) When you participate in a survey or a research study in any other form.

When and which personal information is collected?

4. You can access and search the Websites without disclosing your personal information. The submission of personal information is voluntary. However, if you do not provide your personal information to the Company, the Company may not be able to provide products and services in according to your needs.

5. The Company collects personal information through registration as you voluntarily file applications, fill out email forms or questionnaires, make requests or provide personal information to the Company in other circumstances.

6. When you apply for a job with the Company, the Company will store the personal information that you provide during recruitment as well as personal information you fill out in the resume and in application forms given to you by the Company. Such personal information may include your work history and job qualifications.

7. Examples of personal information the Company may collect from you include:

(a) Contact information such as name, address, telephone number and email address
(b) Information regarding housing as size, characteristics, and conditions of home
(c) Information used for billing such as postal address
(d) Personal information such as national ID card number, passport number, photos, contact information and date of birth
(e) Details of membership of the Company's activities, such as Megabangna Application and/or Mega Smile Rewards
(f) Details of browsing on the Websites, such as traffic data, location, and how you access the Websites
(ช) Your usage history

Storage of personal information

8. The law requires the Company to store your movement data for a period of not less than 90 days from the date the data enters the computer system of the Company. The Company assures you that after the required period ends, your movement data will be removed or anonymised as soon as possible.

9. In certain situations, you may need to give personal information of other individuals to the Company (such as close relatives, potential recipients of benefits, or individuals you designate as job referees in the job application). In such cases, the Company assumes that you guarantee and confirme that you have the consent of these individuals as you provide their personal information to the Company in order for the Company to process the information as described in Item 2.

10. The Company collects personal information where it is necessary for the operations of activities or normal business of the Company.

11. The personal information collected from you by the Company will be used, disclosed and/or processed in according to various purposes, depending on the circumstances in which the Company may/must process your personal information. These include the following:

(a) To communicate with you
(b) To maintain and develop relationships with customers
(c) To assess, process and provide products, services and/or amenities to you
(d) To manage and process products, services and/or amenities as requested by you
(e) To provide your identity information and history
(f) To respond to your inquiries or complaints and to solve problems and disputes caused by contact with the Company
(g) To provide services or help as requested by you
(h) To provide information and/or updates about products, services, promotions that the Company is about to hold, and/or activities organized by the Company and external parties selected by the company, which you may be interested in from time to time
(i) For the purpose of direct marketing via telephone messages (SMS), telephone, fax, email, social media platforms and/or other channels if you have joined the Company’s activities’ such as Megabangna Application and/or Mega Smile Rewards, and any other means by which you consent.
(j) To facilitate your participation in activities and manage the Company's activities, including contests, promotions, and campaigns.
(k) To give points or rewards in the Company's activities
(l) For the maintenance and storage of internal data of the company that is up to date
(m) For the internal management of the Company
(n) To send greetings on various occasions
(o) To send invitations to events and promotions and to send new information
(p) To monitor, examine and improve activities, promotions, products and/or services of the Company
(q) To conduct reference checks on financial status and credibility in case of need when the Company provides products, services and/or facilities to you
(r) To process payments related to commercial transactions with the Company
(s) To process and analyse personal information of individuals or together with other individuals as groups.
(t) To conduct market research or opinion survey, internal marketing analysis, customer data compiling, customer pattern and choice analysis, planning and statistical analysis, and trends related to products and/or services of the Company
(u) To share your personal information with the auditor for accounting auditing and reporting of the Company
(v) To use your personal information from contracts or other document made with the Company for the purpose of seeking legal advice and/or financial advice and/or pursuing legal action.
(w) To share your personal information with business partners of the Company in order to develop products and/or services or to prepare joint promotional campaigns
(x) To use the personal information for auditing, risk management and security
(y) To examine, investigate or prevent embezzlements or actions prohibited by the laws or legal violations
(z) For the Company to fulfil its function and enforce the rights in according to contracts or other documents in which the Company is a party involved
(aa) To transfer the rights, benefits and obligations of the Company in according to contracts made with the Company
(ab) To comply with relevant laws or regulations and to disclose information as required by laws, regulations, court orders, circulars, guidelines or measures applicable to the Company
(ac) To enforce or protect the rights of the Company or your rights in according to functions of the Company under relevant laws and regulations
(ad) To prove and check your history as part of the process of recruitment and selection of staff to work with the Company and/or
(ae) For other purposes as needed for operations, maintenance and management of the Company’s business as well as improving the relationship between you and the Company, which the Company will inform you of such cases when the Company receives your permission.

12. The purposes of personal information collection, use, disclosure or process by the Company depends on situations. Such purposes do not have to be included in the descriptions above. However, the Company will inform you of such purposes when the Company receives your permission, except when the laws allow the Company to proceed with your personal information without your permission.

Cases in which the Company may disclose personal information to third parties

13. To ensure smooth business operation or to perform duties the Company has toward you, the Company may disclose personal information that you provided to the Company to third-party service providers, agents, companies within the same group, or relevant companies inside and outside the country for one or more purposes as described or as notified to you in according to the purposes of personal information collection, use, disclosure and processing. In addition, the Company may disclose your personal information to government officers or government agencies in order to comply with laws, rules, regulations or guidelines applicable to the Company.

14. Examples of third parties the Company may disclose personal information with are:

(a) Data entry service providers
(b) Expert advisors, consultants and/or external auditors
(c) Third-party providers of services such as management or operations related to its business, including telecommunications, information technology, logistics, delivery, installation, assembly, printing, mailing, or marketing and promotions
(d) Relevant government officers and government agencies
(e) Relevant companies or companies within the group, whether they are located in Thailand or other countries or
(f) External parties who provide reports or recruitment services when disclosure of personal information is part of the recruitment and selection of employees and/or other entities related to the recruitment of the Company.

15. Third parties with whom the Company conducts business have the rights to use your personal information as specified in contracts made with the Company. The terms of the contracts require the third parties to follow the laws and any policy given by the Company. The third parties must take appropriate measures to ensure that the personal information will be protected and safe.

16. The Company focuses on maintaining the privacy of personal information. The Company will not sell the data to external parties.

Requests for access to and/or to amend personal information

17. You can request access to and/or amend your personal information in the possession or under the control of the Company by emailing the Company at

18. When a request for access to personal information is made, the Company will submit relevant personal information g to you within thirty (30) days from the date the request reached the Company.

19. If the Company cannot meet the stipulated period mentioned above, the Company will notify you of the earliest time the Company will be able to meet.

20. When asked to amend personal information, the Company will proceed as follows:

(a) Amend personal information as soon as possible after the request is received, unless the Company has a legitimate reason not to do so, and
(ข) (b) Subject to Item 24 below, the Company will submit amended personal information to organisations to which the Company has disclosed such personal information within one year prior to the modification, unless the organisations are not required to use personal information for legal or business purposes.

21. Upon your consent, the Company may submit personal information to certain organisations to which the Company has disclosed such personal information within one year prior to the modification.

22. The Company may impose a fee to cover administrative costs of the Company. The fee is based on the extent and nature of work required to process requests for access to personal information. In such case, the fee will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by a Data Protection Officer and the Company will send you a written estimate of the fee. The Company will proceed once you have agreed to pay the fee. In some cases, the Company may require you to make a deposit before the Company will process the request for access to information. In such cases, the Company will notify you in writing with a fee estimate.

23. You acknowledge that the Company assumes your personal information provided by you is correct and complete. If your personal information is amended, it will be the latest information. The Company is not responsible if personal information provided by you is inaccurate or incomplete and/or if you amended your personal information in a way that resulted in the information provided to the company not being the latest information.

Request for withdrawal of consent

24. You may withdraw the consent you gave to the Company for it to use and/or disclose the personal information in the possession or under the control of the Company. The request can be emailed to the company at

25. The Company will process the request for withdrawal of consent within a reasonable period. The Company will not further store, use and/or disclose your personal in according to the method described.

26. Withdrawal of consent may cause certain effects. The Company may not be able to supply requested products or services or the Company may not be able to retain the relationship between you and the Company. The Company will inform you of the outcome of the withdrawal of consent after the Company received the request to withdraw consent.

27. However, you acknowledge that while you can withdraw consent, the Company still has the right to collect, use or disclose your personal information if required or permitted by law.

The protection and destruction of personal information

28. The Company will provide appropriate security to assure to you that your personal information is protected and secured adequately. The Company will take security measures to prevent unauthorized access to personal information, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, leakage, loss, damage and/or modification of personal information. However, the Company is not responsible for the use of personal information by the third party without your permission if it is beyond control of the Company.

29. The Company will provide a measure to assure to you that the personal information in the possession or control of the Company will be destroyed and/or anonymised promptly in a reasonable time period when:

(a) The personal information provided is no longer beneficial to the purpose of the storage
(b) Retention of personal information is not required for legal or business purposes

Complaints procedure

30. If you wish to lodge a complaint to the Company about the management of personal information or compliance with the laws, you can do so by emailing to

31. The Company will act in response to the complaint timely and fairly.

Contacting the Company

32. You can contact the company (or send a request or complaint) by email or via the Websites at the address below:

Latest information on personal information protection policy

33. The Company will review policies, procedures and processes of the Company periodically to ensure that the Company has managed, protected and processed your personal information appropriately.

34. The Company reserves the rights to make modifications to the terms of this policy based solely on the consideration of the Company. Once the change been made, the Company will announce it on the Websites and The company will not notify you individually.

35. If you still use services of the Websites after a change in personal information protection policy, the Company assumes you acknowledge and agree to the amended terms. Therefore, the Company recommends checking the Websites from time to time to ensure that you are aware of the latest personal information protection policy.

Information as of August 31, 2019