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Baan Ice Restaurant originated with love, love in cooking of a grandmother. Her passion in cooking began since she was a teacher at Nakorn Si Thammarat province, she has always been a great cook and well-accepted to be a head chef in every traditional festival in her hometown. When she retired, she moved to Bangkok and continue to cook with love but this time her major customer was her grandkids. Mr. Ice was the eldest among all and start helping her since he was little, together they made a wonderful southern dish for the entire family. Then Mr. Ice’s father came up with an idea to open a restaurant so that everybody else could have a chance to taste all this deliciousness. The first flagship restaurant was at Prachaniwet district, with the name “Baan Ice” establish since 1990. Two decade has passed and grandmother are getting older, by the time Mr. Ice graduate from overseas and yearns for his grandmother’s food from the bottom of his heart. Mr. Ice then step in and developed every aspect of the restaurant. Every ingredient such as seafood, coconut milk or southern vegetable has to be shipped directly from its origins. He believes that every herbs and ingredient has to be in the perfect condition, weather a sun, soil and water create it’s very own unique flavors. Also the method of making every dish must be as authentic as it could be, a mortar, a charcoal, everything as his grandmother used to do.Today or tomorrow, he keeps his grandmother’s saying in his mind. “Foods must cooked by heart, my son. When you cook for others, you must do your best for the very best.” This is why Mr. Ice cooks every dish from his heart, heart that concentrate on serving the best food for people. From home cook meal to 3 chains and more restaurants to come, you can assure that love and care are main ingredients in every dish. When you cook by heart just like you would do for your family, people can feel it. Bann Ice is not a store, but a heartwarming restaurant with history and that makes us an inimitable restaurant.

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