Pleun Pung Cafe

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Phloen Phung Noodle Shop Caused by the shopkeeper being the person who likes to eat noodles as a life Therefore inventing their own exotic recipes To attract customers The decoration is focused on simplicity, comfort and convenience. Suitable for eating under the style of friends Or to eat together as a family, not less The restaurant's signature menu is inevitable. (Tom Yum Noodles) Tom Yum Soup Sour Flavor Sour Spicy Pork Soft Bounce Ham Excellent Ham Eggs Bael Crunchy fried crispy Tamlai is very useful. Not only the noodle menu that is loud, but also other menus to choose from such as fried spring rolls, Vietnamese salads, grilled pork noodles, fried chicken noodles, thick eggs, ham, shrimp, fried pork, pleasing belly + quince eggs That is quite delicious Love Tei Tae's fans try to come and experience this taste at Ploen Phung. If you can be a shop in the hearts of many people

Level 1