Sukishi Korean Charcoal Grill

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At Sukishi Korean Charcoal Grill, customers can savor an authentic Korean charcoal grill experience and healthy Japanese cuisine. Enjoy an interactive cooking activity where diners can grill meats, seafood and vegetables on a copper table-top grilling pot with charcoal as the source of flame. It is the most authentic way to grill for the best taste and flavor. Every dining table is equipped with a unique high-performance copper hood exhaust system that guarantees a smoke-free environment. Specialties for grilling are chosen carefully and sourced from only the finest, like premium beef from Australia, Kurobuta pork and fresh seafood like salmon from Norway. Recommended from the barbeque menu are meats, seafood and vegetables marinated with Sukishi's many special sauces that add a flavorful taste to the dish. In addition to your grilling meal, Sukishi's dipping sauce is a complimentary must-have.

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