Waraporn Salapao

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‘WarapornSalapao’ originally started from a small family business. Widely recognized as quality steamed buns, its unrivalled highlights include the softness of steamed buns with over 10 savory fillings. In addition to scrumptious steamed buns, other signature menus include Braised Pork Leg and Steamed Buns, Steamed Buns served with Sangkaya (Pandanas Custard Dipping Sauce)as well as traditional single dishes such asRoast BBQ Pork on Rice, Braised Pork Leg on Rice and Baked Chicken on Rice. Also try out the new menus including Green Curry Pork on Rice, BukKhut Tae (Chinese Pork Ribs Soup),Ba Chang (Sticky Rice Dumplings wrapped in Palm Leaves), to name a few.A cozy and modern contemporary atmosphere of the restaurant perfectly fits today’s fast pace day-to-day-life which is in line withthe restaurant’s concept: “Be easily full, softly tasty”.

Level 1